inside store shot of cold springs apothecary

A Modern-Day Apothecary in the Hudson Valley

I confess: I fall hard and fast for aesthetically pleasing spaces. And when that space is a store, I become a regular — instantly. In fact, a store featuring potted flowers framing the doorway can pull me in from a block away. And if I arrive to find big, light-filled windows and an inviting white interior with shelves of all-natural skin and hair-care products, it’s over. Hours will be lost. Products will be purchased.


outside storefront shot

The storefront of Cold Spring Apothecary features plants and flowers, signaling the all-natural approach to skincare that resides inside. Photo by Julianna Whiteway.

cafe and candles

Candles, incense, and reed diffusers stand in the store’s center, and café tables offer views of historic Main Street. Photo by Julianna Whiteway.

Which is exactly what happened the first time that I stumbled upon Cold Spring Apothecary in Hudson Valley, N.Y. in 2015. The greenery framing the corner shop lured me in. But the products and services I found inside made me a fan, joining a legion of devoted customers attracted to the all-natural products, the effective and pamper-intensive treatments, and the clean design of the products and the store. In fact, that commitment to all-natural ingredients began with the first innovative products. In 2010, after creating all-natural hair products for local salons, Stacey Dugliss-Wesselman opened CSA with a laboratory on site. She expanded to skincare, focusing on the functionality and health benefits of botanicals, herbs, and essential oils.

Since its opening, the laboratory has moved to a different location to meet the demand as their business has grown — not only with in-store sales but through their website orders, and wholesale as well. In the United States, CSA products have been sold at Madewell, ABC Home, and various shops from New York to Oregon. CSA also opened a store in Japan in 2015. Dugliss-Wesselman, who does all the research and creates all the recipes, and Jacqueline Maisonet, who is referred to as their lab connoisseur, also fill the inventory for that store, which supplies product to more than 10 businesses, including PROD, PHIGVEL’s flagship store in Nakameguro, and at Tenerita stores in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Shibuya.

Recently, I returned to the apothecary, tucked in at the corner of Main and Rock streets, to visit the wellness house and stock up on products for a new skin-care routine. Since my last visit, they added a café on the right side of the shop, which offers specialty coffee, espresso drinks, teas, turmeric elixirs, juices, and baked goods. After a visit to the cafe, I treated myself to the mini-facial and body scrub, and those experiences convinced me I need to make those regular fixtures in my self-care routine. I also received a great deal of advice on products and purchased several items. Based on my experience and fandom, these seven products and services deserve your attention.

1. The Mini Facial

Customized for your skin’s needs, this 30-minute facial introduces you to botanicals and essential oils with a luxurious feel. The includes a cleanser, a soothing exfoliant, a mask, refreshing steam towels, and a personalized facial oil. The treatment will leave your skin soft and glowing long after you exit the spa (30 minutes, $65). If you’re looking for a deeper cleanse, consider the Signature Facial (60 minutes, $120) or the Signature Deluxe Facial (90 minutes, $160).

2. Body Renewal Scrub

Beginning with a dry-brush detox, this scrub offers a relaxing yet energizing experience for the entire body. The combination of turmeric and neem scrubs draws out impurities, promotes circulation, and tightens the skin. The signature body oil application — with calming scents from botanicals and essential oils — is massaged into the skin, helping to remove toxins while moisturizing. (45 minutes, $90).

3. Citrus & Ginger Sea Salt Spray


Candles feature fragrance notes of tobacco, musk, amber, black pepper, and cedarwood and are phthalate-free. Photo by Julianna Whiteway.

This cult favorite features lavender and ginger essential oils creating a scent that is so captivating that some customers use it as their daily “perfume.” Jojoba oils condition the hair without weighing it down, and the magnesium salts add texture and build volume without drying your strands. $24.

4. Black Pepper & Tobacco LTD Candle

All Cold Spring Apothecary candles are custom-blended, hand-poured, and inspired by nature. This candle features notes of tobacco, musk, amber, black pepper, and cedarwood, offering a refreshing change from the standard floral and fruit scented choices. Other options include tonka bean and birch and sandalwood vetiver. $35 standard or $16 for travel size.

5. Renew Facial Oil

Antioxidant rich and packed with more than 20 botanical and essential oils, this oil helps detoxify, soften, and protect your skin while delivering a youthful radiance. Its key ingredients are abyssinian oil for wrinkle defense, rosehip seed oil for skin regeneration, and rose rock essential oil for anti-aging. $55.

6. Clarifying Facial Exfoliant Rosewood & Patchouli

This exfoliant deeply cleanses with natural, organic ingredients. Jojoba beads gently exfoliate while an alpha hydroxy helps uncover clear, healthy skin. Made for all skin types, the treatment features patchouli, which helps to remove blemishes, reduce inflammation, and treat conditions such as eczema. The rosewood is used to remove dead skin and treat wrinkles and fine lines. $38.

7. Body Oil – Toning & Detox

A staff member recommended mixing this oil with a daily, all-natural body lotion in the summer months. In the dry winter months, the oil can be applied directly to the skin. Whatever level of moisture your body needs, this mix of grapeseed oil, avocado oil, olive squalene, and mustard oil help smooth the skin. $40.

Julianna Whiteway grew up in Syracuse, N.Y., with four older brothers who trained her to be a loyal Orange fan. Food has been on her mind since she was a kid, and cooking in the kitchen with friends and family is where she feels the most creative and humbled. Whiteway’s work across several different industries, including media relations, education, and theatre, and her time as a sous chef in both New York City and Indianapolis has inspired her to tell the story of others through video and podcasts every chance she gets.